Pricing model

The Wolt Courier Partner App is show the earnings for each task before a courier partner accepts or rejects it + more updates coming soon.

Wolt Courier Partner app is showing what you can earn for each delivery task before you accept it or reject it. This feature has been asked by our Courier Partners for a long time, and it hopefully makes it easier to decide which tasks to accept.

Addition to your Service agreement

We want to make sure the earnings for each task take better into account the actual effort for a given task. We’ve already taken the first step towards this when we introduced estimated route distance and pick-up fees last year. Soon, we’ll also be able to take the following into account when offering delivery fees:

  • Customer and restaurant/store location e.g. are they difficult to reach?

  • Weather e.g. is it raining or does the weather mean more courier partners are needed?

  • Type of order e.g. is it a big grocery order or one hamburger?

  • Other e.g. are there large hills, are there poor parking conditions, etc.?


I am a courier partner, what will change for me?

In the next couple of weeks the way we show your earnings per task will change so that the Wolt Courier Partner App shows you the fee for a given task before you accept or reject it.

In a few months, we are changing the way each task is priced, so that the individual fee takes better into account the actual effort required for a given task.

Will my earnings increase or decrease because of these changes?

How can I know what I will earn once you update the fee model?

As we have shared before, we are taking steps towards making all task fees match the effort put in. As part of this, some tasks will be paid more and some will be paid less than before. The end goal is to make every task worth accepting.

The new features will make it easier for you to know the fee for each task. Before accepting or rejecting a task, you will be shown the fee, which will include the base fee, distance fees, and any specific extra fees connected to the task. Once the order is completed, you will be shown the total task fee (including tips and any bonus fees for completing a certain number of orders within a given time frame when applicable)..

Reject button for all tasks

We have introduced a reject button for all tasks, including bundles, so you can reject all tasks without contacting Support or waiting long times for it to disappear.

Simplified payout page

A simplified payout page summarising your completed tasks. You are able to see the total “task fee” that includes the base, total distance (pickup + drop-off distances) and capability fees in a compact and clean view.

Coming during the next months:

We have moved away from the fixed fees and updated our Service agreement. This new addition are into effect from 20.02.23.