Contact and Non-contact deliveries

Do the following during non-contact delivery:

1. Leave food at the customer's door

2. Mark "delivered" in the application

3. Call the door or knock (if the comment says "don't call / don't knock", of course, don't do it!)

4. Call the Customer on the phone and then leave. Except for cases where deliveries are made from iDeal and Samsung stores - then please wait until the customer picks up the order.

Customers can choose between Contact and Contactless delivery.

Contact delivery means handing the delivered order to the customer either at the door of his house, apartment or office according to the customer's instructions. The customer has chosen contact delivery if there is no non-contact delivery in the order instructions.

For your own safety, you as a Courier Partner always have the option to refuse contact delivery and have the order delivered as non-contact delivery by following the steps below, but in such a situation you should always contact our Support team so that they can inform the customer about it.