How to increase your earnings

How to achieve efficient earnings with Wolt:

We have a few simple tricks, that can help you get the most out of your online hours. Wanna see them?

To increase your income, you should be aware that:

The best time of day to join is the lunch and evening peak. The number of orders is ALWAYS higher during this peak period, and a higher number of orders delivered means a higher amount of income collected.

You should also keep in mind, that on the weekdays, the closer to the weekend - the higher the number of orders!

Go online during peak hours to earn more ⏱️

Try going online in one of the hotspots in your city

Did you know that our system gives orders based on algorithms?

Therefore, it's smart to be located around what we call hot spots. These are the areas in your city where most of the orders are delivered from, typically be nearby our restaurant partners.

Going online in one of the hotspots and returning to them after drop-offs will increase your chances of getting new orders quickly.

We are cheering for you!

The next steps of your Wolt journey will be both exciting and challenging, we are sure.

Don't worry - if anything goes wrong with an order or if you have a question, our Support Team is right there with you in your pocket.

We will get back with more tips and tricks next week.