Delivery of age-restricted products

The legislation of our country defines product groups that are allowed to be purchased upon reaching a certain age. Wolt supplies the following products - alcoholic and energy drinks. Since you are our Courier Partner - according to the legislation, you are responsible for the delivery of the order and the verification of the client's age compliance. Please find out important information yourself with how to do everything properly.

According to Latvian legislation, alcoholic beverages and energy drinks can be purchased by persons who have reached the age of 18. The person delivering such drinks must also be over 18 years of age. When delivering alcoholic or energy drinks in an order, you must always make sure that the person who actually placed the order receives the order, as well as the age of this person.

The following identity documents are suitable for proof of age:


ID card

Residence permit issued by Migration Department of Republic of Latvia

The following documents are not valid for proof of age:

Driver's license

Student ID card

Certificate of birth

Copies of documents

If for various reasons you do not want to deliver age-restricted products - you have the option to refuse, but please note that many restaurants, bars and shops sell such products through our platform. By refusing, you will stop receiving any order from these merchants - this may affect your total order volume and profit, but we respect any choice you make. To cancel - contact us by writing to

Appropriate identity documents:

If the customer cannot prove his age at the time of delivery or is younger than 18 years, the delivery of age-restricted products may not take place. Please contact our Support team immediately. In this situation you shuold hand over the part of the order that does not contain alcoholic or energy drinks. Please return the drinks to the merchant and you will, of course, receive a separate payment for this return delivery.

Customer identification data verification function

We also have a customer data verification feature in the Wolt courier-partner app to help you identify orders with age-restricted products!

When you pick up your order in the Courier-Partners app, you may immediately see the message ''Customer ID verification'', which indicates that the order contains alcoholic or energy drinks.

Before the order is delivered to the customer, you will see another reminder in your app to make sure the customer's identity is checked. Once you have verified the correct ID and given the order to the customer, you need to note that you understand that this order contains age-restricted products and that you have verified the customer's identification and ensured that the customer has the right to withdraw this order:

If you are unable to validate the customer's details and ensure that the customer is of the correct age, you should click on the ''I am unable to verify ID'' button.

If you check that you are unable to confirm your customer's identification details, a chat will open with our support team to help you coordinate the remaining delivery steps.